Onliem by Reinhard Liem | Programming language will be the most in demand for web development in 2022?

Programming language will be the most in demand for web development in 2022?


Nowadays, MERN and MEAN stacks are becoming more and more popular. Nodejs is used for server side scripting, Reactjs and Angularjs are used for front end, while Mongodb is a database for backend. When we hear JS, thoughts of Web Development and Cybersecurity comes into the mind. Hence it bags the first spot.


  • It is considered the key programming language for building the front-end of websites
  • It reduces demand on servers
  • Interoperability with other programming languages.

Python, paired with frameworks like Flask and Django.

Python is gaining popularity due to its increased demand in the fields of AI, ML and Data Science and IOT. It has a simple syntax, hence its syntax seems similar to English.


  • Simple and plain syntax;
  • Wide range of libraries;
  • Open-source nature.


Owned by Oracle, it is still the most popular language and has wide applications in the fields of CP, WebDev, AIML, etc. Its syntax seems lil tough at first, (especially when you need to print somethin :P) but its demand is never going to be overshadowed by any other languages.


  • ability to communicate with a large number of systems.
  • Services like peer-web services, database connectivity, and back-end services
  • Platform Independent and portable.
  • Robust and secure.


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